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A licensed estate agent and an avid sports fan, Anand is the driving force behind Purple Green Real Estate Anand has been the Director/Principal at Purple Green Real Estate since its inception. With the background of the Hospitality Industry and owning a Successful Café business in Australia, Anand has since been leveraging his experience as a successful motivator and mentor to our Sales team. Anand’s ability to build, advise, and nurture successful sales teams that place him in a class of his own. And in turn, this allows clients of Purple Green Real Estate to stand as the biggest beneficiaries of this tailored approach to real estate, built on Anand’s platform of wisdom, dedication, and respectability. Commitment to the profession, perceptive vision, along honourability has molded a successful, well-respected, and much-admired man, seen as a great leader, strong authority, and mentor to many. What’s more, Anand has worked and spent his time in Middle East, India & Australia meaning you’re not only getting sage advice but guidance from the heart. With a sales business built on relationships and referrals, Anand maintains close connections with his clients ensuring a far-reaching network spanning from Melbourne to Mumbai, London to Singapore, Dubai, and beyond. He has an uncanny knack of putting people together and matching buyers to properties often before they even have a chance to hit the market. What makes me a specialist? I am an owner investor, luxury seller and luxury buyer, and have been for over ten years. I know the market and I know what you’re looking for. You are busy. Your life is full. You have family, friends, travel, meetings, concert tickets, pets, and dinner reservations and that is just today’s to-do list. I get it. You don’t have time. But I do. I help my clients get to the core of their Real Estate needs, wants & wishes. From your first purchase, to growing your real estate portfolio, to your luxury dream home, I believe that strong relationships and honest advice are the back bone of my business and my success.
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