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About us

About Us

At Purple Green Real Estate, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our Agency is committed to educating buyers and sellers globally, about the current real estate markets of the World. Why? To help both property buyers and sellers navigate what could be a stressful and complex process. With the right education and team, the buying and selling process becomes very straightforward, even for foreigners. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to obtain the best possible price in the purchase or sale of their property. We do this by using the best available data and the latest technology to support our opinions and advice, complemented by our superior analytical and negotiation skills.


We believe Smart Investment creates a secure and better life, and with the help of our resources, local & international real estate experience and expertise, we guide you to achieve your dream by assisting you with the acquisition or sale of the property.

We work closely with top Australian & Overseas real estate developers and project marketers, we have planned and managed successful marketing campaigns in Asia for many renowned Australian developers.

Specializing in real estate investment, our services cover all aspects of the property industry, at Purple Green Real estate we understand the market cycle and trends in the property market like no other realty group.

Our expertise, coupled with an in-depth appreciation of our clients’ personal needs, affordability, financial status, and goals, enables us to offer the optimal property advice to our valued clients. We are committed to use our local knowledge to provide the optimal project to each and every one of our customers, to ensure your return in partnership with our professional services.


At Purple Green Real Estate, we ensure that your investment property will be managed immediately after you purchase the property. We bring peace of mind to landlords and property owners. Whether you are a first-time landlord looking to rent out your property or an investor looking to help someone manage the portfolio.  We offer first-class assistance when it comes to rent collections handling maintenance, knowing local ordinances, offering advice about current rental rates in your area and so much more. We work with landlord investors across and offer a range of services throughout the year so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your property is being expertly managed by experienced professionals, without having to empty out your pockets every month to cover the prices listed by our competitors.

Our Services

  • Ongoing & Regular Communication (We provide regular updates, revenue & income reports so you can rest easy knowing your property is achieving its goals).
  • Full property appraisal, consultation & marketing (The web has changed how we market and we are leveraging the latest forms of digital advertising to effectively & inexpensively market your property).
  • Lease preparation and negotiations (From helping people discover your property to signing the lease, we manage all the steps in-between).
  • Rent collection (Consistent cash flow on monthly basis is our top priority. We have follow-up procedures to ensure fees are collected on-time).
  • Year-end financial statements with monthly balance statements (We keep account of your properties income and expenses in compliance with general accounting principles).
  • Private property showings
  • Tenant screenings and selection (We use the latest technologies through pre-screening & reference checks to excellent tenant selection).
  • Lease renewals (Proactively Liaise with you and the tenant when the lease is about to end)
  • Rent review (We provide the latest market appraisal so make sure you get the best returns)
  • Routine unit inspections with detail reports and video (We regularly inspect your rental property, inside and out ensuring your property is in top-notch condition).
  • Tenant requests (We analyse the tenant’s request and then act appropriately as per the instructions and the law)
  • Renovations, repairs and maintenance supervision, paying contractors and utilities (With trusted contractors and negotiated rates, repairs and emergencies are handled quickly and effectively).
  • Eviction notice and handling (When necessary, we initiate all legal steps in the fastest possible time frame. Even with careful placement, there is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws).
  • Dispute resolution (We Prepare the case and represent you at VCAT proceedings if need arise)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act (We have highly qualified professionals taking care of your property who have appropriate licenses and experience in renting & Leasing in Victoria).


Purple Green was created to help owners of businesses realise the best potential value when selling. After all you have worked incredibly hard to build a business, our aim is to find you the right buyer at the right price.

Every business is unique in itself, we begin the process by understanding your needs and reasons for selling, followed by an initial appraisal. Once you have decided to work with us, we will form a correct marketing strategy and proceed to market your business to find a buyer.

Our primary goal is to offer you excellent support and customer service throughout the process. We offer a highly personalised service by communicating at every step till the sale is made.



We will make an initial evaluation which will always be realistic so that we can proceed without unnecessarily raising expectations. We take the opportunity at this stage to really understand you and what your motivations are for selling to help you achieve your goals.


Once you have decided to work with us we will conduct a comprehensive study of your business, the market and its future potential.

  1. Appraisal

Our appraisal will take into account the multiple factors that will drive the eventual sale value.


We will liase with you to produce a sale document that will only be passed on to potential buyers who have been vetted and have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


This will be put in place by carefully targeting the most appropriate buyers for your business.


We will meet all potential purchasers and accompany them to all site meetings.


We will coordinate and present all offers and work with you and all your advisers to help conclude the sale.

Connecting businesses worldwide

We open doors to opportunities on a national and global scale, supporting companies and organizations around the world. Our vision is to be the preferred global leader in business matchmaking, by connecting people through continuous innovation and fantastic customer service which will impact all economic, civic, procurement, and business development objectives of our clients.

We are consultants who understand investors and know who is funding, when, why and how and connect you with them. We take a structured, targeted approach to the creation and organisation of international trade missions to a target market. We promote our client’s engagement with a specific market sector at a time when business owners and leaders are reluctant to allocate space in busy schedules to such events and in a manner appropriate to match the goals of each individual mission.

To ensure the success of your mission, a dedicated senior consultant with experience will be tasked to lead the project and to deliver the quality and quantity of opportunities that are agreed at the brief acceptance stage. The pre-agreed objectives range from the value of quotations, actual sales, partnership agreements, joint ventures or even acquisitions. Our business matchmaking services is designed to address the specific challenges facing business owners wherever they are based in the world when they are looking to expand into new markets.


It is vitally important for property owners to get the maximum return on their investment. For properties, to find Out How Much You can get for Your Property in this present market

Complete the form and we will contact you to discuss conducting a thorough comparative market analysis by considering the following factors:

  • Property condition compared to similar properties in the area
  • Property size
  • Access to transport, shops and other amenities
  • Time of year

If you need an accurate appraisal of your properties potential, be it selling or leasing & want to find out how much price you can get for your property, connect with us by completing the form.